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Who is Ryan McKern?

Let’s take about two minutes and have a small conversation about the other Ryan McKerns people might be looking for:

The McKern family name isn’t especially prestigious, being best known (if it’s known at all) as the surname of Uncle Leo (who was the best number two that number six ever confronted). But we’re not concerned with Leo McKern. We’re concerned with the traffic that funnels in for Ryan McKern.

The one that I’m most familiar with is the musician Ryan McKern formerly of (I believe…) Minnesota, now of Louisiana. Ryan has a multitude of musical projects going. It seems that he’s in the process of moving into Facebook and abandoning the sinking ship that is MySpace; For now I’m running with the links I know work. The projects of his I’ve chanced over are:

While there may be other Ryan McKern’s, I know that he’s the only one who people have been searching for who have landed here. So if you’re looking for the Ryan McKern who can grow a beard and who PLAYS MUSIC instead of the Ryan McKern who shaves once a week and who LISTENS TO BAD MUSIC, he’s your guy.

Updating WordPress with libssh (and what I did when it was broken)

This post should be treated as an historical artifact at this point.

This was originally about automatic updates over SSH2 not working for me when I upgraded to WordPress 2.8. WordPress 2.9 is out now, and this problem turned out not to be their fault.

After filing a bug report and working through it with the WordPress team, a solution was eventually found (see the final update to this post). If you’re not inclined to skip to the end then here’s your TL:DR: turn off open_basedir or make the declaration less restrictive.

If you’re not experiencing this problem (and Google says you’re landing here if you’re looking for help setting up SFTP/SSH updating for WordPress), I don’t think this write-up will be of much help. Continue Reading →