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Software Regret

Alex Payne of Twitter (the social network everyone but me uses) has posted a well structured list of software he’s paid for but no longer users. I am in a similar boat thanks to sites like MacZot, where I have licenses for shit I will never, ever use again or for applications whose functionality was replaced by something better later on. Continue Reading →

Word of the day: Opinionation


n. opin·ion·at·ion

A country of people, all absoloutely positive that they’re positive that they’re always right, so you must obviously be both wrong, and an idiot.

Example: The gentleman in fatigues who was at the counter spent all afternoon pontificating upon the nature of modern civilizations dependency on oil. At the end of his bully-pulpit tirade, he pronounced that Democrats are all liars, and that they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear about energy to steal your vote. I wonder what color the sky is in his opinionation1.

  1. Jokes aside, the gentleman seems more like a cynically skeptical enlisted man than a crackpot. I’d have actually liked to hear him out, but he just couldn’t stop shouting. The American tendency to speak louder when we think you can’t understand us is probably one of the cultural traits that I’m most ashamed of.