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NNTP readers on OS X are built from failure

This post should be treated as an historical artifact at this point.

In the office where I work we use & maintain a company newsgroup server with a variety of internal newsgroups where everything from items for sale to complaints and hassles are posted. Late last year I went pretty much all-Mac, all the time, with a Remote Desktop window connected to a Windows machine in the office which I used for Outlook (because we’re an Exchange shop) and Thunderbird (to read the newsgroups). Wondering if I could cut ties a little further, I looked into NNTP readers for OS X.

A small bit of background first: I’m using Snow Leopard and I’m unwilling to deal with the vagaries of less-than-native clients. This means that I’m not using ported Unix apps. So no Gnews, newspost, Pan, Pine, Slrn, or Tin. Those are right out.

This left me with a list cobbled together from MacUpdate:

I had intended this to be a marginally comprehensive review of my time using these clients, but I barely got into the account setup with most of them, if I installed them at all. Here’s how it broke down…

Text editing for fun and profit

This post should be treated as an historical artifact at this point.

In the attempt to streamline the process of maintaining the myriad scripts and config files that I use day to day as part of both my day job and my droll hobby. I’ve used TextMate for everything, which I’ve previously discussed (particularly using it in conjunction with CSSEdit, which we’ll come back to). But this has sort of spiraled out of control as I’ve spent more time working with PHP scripts (such as WordPress themes) and I’ve started to wonder about the newer generation of all-in-one editors. Continue Reading →