Round-up: process managers, job schedulers, and private clouds!

Oh my!

Here’s some bite-sized things that have been hanging out in my “Oh man, these look neat” queue for the last couple of weeks.

  • A while back, I wrote something about evaluating process managers; maybe you remember?. Anyway, Crocodoc‘s Matt Long recently wrote a post where he also dove into process managers. It also got some traction on HackerNews, where the peanut gallery has something to say about the matter. By the way, congratulations Crocodoc!
  • OpenStack on RedHat, CentOS, OR Fedora? With an easy-peasy installation process and support for building on as few as one, single, solitary hardware node? Hello RDO!

  • You may or may not know this, but last year I lost months at $DAYJOB researching free and commercial Job Scheduling systems that can scale better than Cron1. But Airbnb recently released an exceptionally interesting scheduling tool named Chronos built on Apache Mesos and if I’d had this a year ago then the project probably would have gone very, very different.

  1. Spoiler Alerts: Cron doesn’t scale, and we hated everything we found. 

SCOTUS, Proposition 8, and DOMA

I really tried to avoid saying anything about this today. And (to their credit) my friends tend to agree with me, at least in regards to what I’m about to say so I didn’t think I needed to say it. So, please forgive me while I grandstand for a moment but I just want to be clear:

Discrimination of civil rights by any name and/or by any logic is wrong.

Period. Full stop. If a right becomes discriminatory, then it’s no longer a right but a privilege. And this is a point I will argue eloquently, loudly, passionately, and if need be violently with anyone, any time, anywhere. And even if I don’t change your mind with rhetoric, volume, passion, or my hands, history will play out in my favor on this one.