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NNTP readers on OS X are built from failure

This post should be treated as an historical artifact at this point.

In the office where I work we use & maintain a company newsgroup server with a variety of internal newsgroups where everything from items for sale to complaints and hassles are posted. Late last year I went pretty much all-Mac, all the time, with a Remote Desktop window connected to a Windows machine in the office which I used for Outlook (because we’re an Exchange shop) and Thunderbird (to read the newsgroups). Wondering if I could cut ties a little further, I looked into NNTP readers for OS X.

A small bit of background first: I’m using Snow Leopard and I’m unwilling to deal with the vagaries of less-than-native clients. This means that I’m not using ported Unix apps. So no Gnews, newspost, Pan, Pine, Slrn, or Tin. Those are right out.

This left me with a list cobbled together from MacUpdate:

I had intended this to be a marginally comprehensive review of my time using these clients, but I barely got into the account setup with most of them, if I installed them at all. Here’s how it broke down…