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Word of the day: Opinionation


n. opin·ion·at·ion

A country of people, all absoloutely positive that they’re positive that they’re always right, so you must obvi­ously be both wrong, and an idiot.

Example: The gentleman in fatigues who was at the counter spent all afternoon pontif­i­cating upon the nature of modern civi­liza­tions depen­dency on oil. At the end of his bully-pulpit tirade, he pronounced that Democrats are all liars, and that they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear about energy to steal your vote. I wonder what color the sky is in his opin­ion­ation1.

  1. Jokes aside, the gentleman seems more like a cyni­cally skep­tical enlisted man than a crackpot. I’d have actually liked to hear him out, but he just couldn’t stop shouting. The American tendency to speak louder when we think you can’t under­stand us is probably one of the cultural traits that I’m most ashamed of. [return]