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Software Regret

What a tremendous pile of garbage you have, Grandpa!

Alex Payne of Twitter (the social network everyone but me uses) has posted a well struc­tured list of software he’s paid for but no longer users. I am in a similar boat thanks to sites like MacZot, where I have licenses for shit I will never, ever use again or for appli­ca­tions whose func­tion­ality was replaced by some­thing better later on.

Unloved software I bought through MacZot

Audiobook Builder
This came with some sort of bundle that I purchased, and appar­ently I kept no records of it. I never used it, and I don’t know that I’d ever want to, but I did tech­ni­cally pay for it.
Somehow Austin moth­er­fucking Sarner horn-swaggled me again and took $10 of my money to contribute towards his inability to get a fucking hair cut. What was I thinking? Why did I buy this when Burn does all of this shit for free using the same publicly available OS X frame­works and with none of the lame UI bullshit?
Hawkeye, rooSwitch, KIT (now called Together)
Hawkeye suffers from one a pretty common problem in OS X, in that it wraps open source software in a cocoa front-end and then charges you money for it. Since I don’t give a fuck about DVD mastering, it was an unused license. rooSwitch swaps pref­er­ences. Neat trick, but useless for me. However, in that same bundle I got Together (then called K.I.T., or Keep It Together), which has actually been a pretty handy tool for sorting and managing the sheer volume of inci­dental fluff I seem to invariably accumulate.
Data Guardian
This seemed handy at the time, worked and looked like shit when I paid for it, and now I cannot get the insanely over-complicated license manager on the site to recognize that I ever paid for it. High regret over the money I wasted on this Epic Fail application.
Direct Mail!
Came in another bundle (maybe the one with Audiobook Builder?) and it’s another appli­cation which does some­thing I just don’t give a fuck about.

Abandoned software I bought for work

Mocha MacX TN5250
Purchased in my former life as an AS400 operator, I only regret that I never got my boss to comp back the $25 that I spent on this. It made absolutely every single night where I had to dial into work while on call so much easier. I haven’t needed it for almost 5 years, but I’d still use it again if I had to connect to another AS400.

Abandoned software I bought for myself

God, who pays for file sharing? The developer (David Watanabe) is sort of an asshole, my license was constantly corrupted/lost/missing whenever the software was upgraded, and in retro­spect, paying money to pirate shit is pretty fucking brazen. This was $25 I’d like back.
And here we come to the first appli­cation which Austin moth­er­fucking Sarner used to bilk me out of my cash, as “Neometric Software”. I had a library of about 200 burned DVDs to archive, and this app was the cheapest at the time. I paid for it, and like, 6 months later the last update was released and that was that. Buggy, featureless, slow, and unstable, this appli­cation alone is grounds for me to fight every single member of The Deli­cious Gener­ation to the death.
Sean Kelly made software so usable that Apple hired him. While this has been supplanted by TextMate and CSSEdit in my work flow, I have no regrets over this. I used it often and it had the best remote site editing available at the time.
This appli­cation is awesome, but a lot of the func­tion­ality I needed has since been repli­cated (and extended) in the equally awesome CSSEdit, which I already had a license for. I keep it around for the occa­sional use when CSSEdit falls down on the job (maybe twice a year?) but overall it’s just gath­ering the digital equiv­alent of dust (bitrot?).

What’s the take away? I guess if you walk away from this knowing that Austin Sarner is a sack of crap, that MacZot pushes a lot of really mediocre shit with the occa­sional gem mixed in with the turd nuggets, and that some­times even good software gets replaced by better software, then you got the message.