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OS X Lion's Address Book is an abject failure

This post should be treated as an historical artifact. It probably contain broken external links and it may no longer reflect my views or opinions.

I don’t even care that I have 14 other posts in the pipeline and two other neglected sites to write for right now. I had to break radio silence to point out the obvious: the New Address book in OS X Lion is bullshit.

The Lion Address Book appli­cation suffers from the same misguided belief that people want software that super­fi­cially mimics physical objects as the original QuickTime player, half the appli­ca­tions Apple ships on the iPad, and classic Lotus Notes. It resembles nothing so much as Penny Gadget’s Computer Book from the seminal 1980’s cartoon ‘Inspector Gadget’.

I’m not a little blond girl trying to save my uncle with my genius dog. I’m a god damned grown up.