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Hey, here's another book I read recently: How to Count

This post should be treated as an historical artifact. It probably contain broken external links and it may no longer reflect my views or opinions.

Steven Frank (@stevef), of Panic infamy has self-published the first volume of an ambi­tious new series of tech­nical books: How to Count: Programming for Mere Mortals, Volume 1. It’s a slim volume, clocking in at approx­i­mately 70 pages (depending on your e-reader of choice) but it’s an excellent read on the funda­mental skill of thinking about numbers the way a computer thinks about numbers. I will likely continue to use the bits about converting hex to binary long, long after I’ve forgotten every­thing else I read in here.

Long story short, it’s inex­pensive ($2.99 e-book, $7.99 dead tree!), well written (as well written as the beloved Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby), and fun in a nerdy sort of “taught myself calculus one summer back in high school” sort of way. Did you teach yourself calculus one summer back in high school? If you did, this book is probably beneath you. But since I spent my summers in high school at the Warped Tour, working dead-end food-service jobs, and swimming in creeks, I got a lot out of a surpris­ingly thin book.

If you’re inter­ested in a gentle intro­duction to programming, looking for a refresher on how computers do “The Maths", or just want to contribute a few dollars towards a noble cause (that is, convincing Steve to write volume 2) this is a worth­while purchase. Double word score bonus to the fact that unless we have a massive quantum compute break­through within our life­times, the contents of this book should with­stand factual atrophy aston­ish­ingly well.