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This post should be treated as an historical artifact. It probably contain broken external links and it may no longer reflect my views or opinions.

The tone of the Chick-Fil-A discussion has (of course) completely derailed into dema­goguery (I’m not linking the event directly because I legit­i­mately think they’re missing the point). Unsur­prising; I don’t under­stand why people have a hard time discon­necting the civil framework of marriage from the reli­gious framework of marriage. They can coexist fine and they’ve done so for gener­a­tions, all over the world.

So, being outraged that a company is actively donating to a lobbying effort that seeks to force the reli­gious defi­n­ition on the civil framework isn’t an attack on reli­gious freedom – it’s an attack on pushiness. You’re welcome to discrim­inate (and to be clear, that’s what it is) against anyone you like. Just don’t ask to have your biases codified into law when you live some­place funda­men­tally based on a struc­tural sepa­ration of church and state matters.